Nutrition and Fitness

If we’re to look at the entire picture of fitness, physical activity is just one piece of the puzzle.

Fitness and health is really focused around 3 areas – Nutrition/Diet, Physical Activity and Sleep. If we were to make a pie chart displaying the importance of each of these, Nutrition and Diet would be about 60% of the pie, Physical Activity about 30% and Sleep the remaining 10%.

Considering the importance of Nutrition/Diet, we make it a priority to counsel you on not only what to to eat, but how to make it work within your lifestyle.

As with our workouts, our counseling on dieting is a progression.

We start with easier steps first, focusing first on the quality of food.

Then we begin to focus on balancing out your macro nutrients – protein, fat and carbohydrates.

Last piece (if necessary) is reeling in the quantity of food you’re consuming.

This is all done with the assistance of technology of course! We utilize mobile apps that make tracking your food consumption easy and painless. Us coaches are here to hold you accountable and help you course correct in the journey.

We help find healthy foods you actually ENJOY eating and take the pain out of changing your diet to a better path. We realize the world of eating with family, friends and social events isn’t always the easiest and teach you how to navigate the possible pitfalls of “falling off the wagon”.

The bottom line is we work with you to make changing your diet for the better EASY. We hold you accountable and will support you along the way.